Press Release

Public Health Promotion Project 
Youth Projects International (YPI) is committed to delivering quality sex and relationships education to young people aged 16 -24 years old. We have secured funding to enable us deliver sexual health services to young people who are LGBT living in Hammersmith and Fulham. Support homeless young people by providing advice and sign posting them to main stream services.

What we are trying to achieve?
The aim of the service is to ensure that young people are given the right advice at the right time and help empower them to make informed decision. To ensure that young people get the best support avaliable to them. To enable young people pass on the right message to their peers about services and support avalaible to them.

Health Promotion Outreach:

The health outreach aims to meet young people in places where they normally go to access over services. The service aims to meet young people who would not normally go to access services on their own. It provides them with information on sexually transmitted infections, support avaliable to them and how to access it as well.

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