International Projects

Spend two weeks volunteering and traveling in Tororo Uganda as part as our international development projects! You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities and contribute to projects abroad in communities where help is most needed especially among women and children.

Project areas include: medical treatment, care work, community development, working with children and raising awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Offer us your expertise to help us to treat, raise awareness and empower some of the worlds poorest people

  • Working with young people in the slums
  • Public Health Improvement Project

If you are interested in taking part in the international projects for Youth Projects International please email Eddy Aroda at or ring020 7603 7751 then we can talk through some of the volunteering opportunities available and send you an application form.


Tree planting

Young people are encuraged to activelly plant trees as a source of income, more especially trees that take a short time to mature into timber. The project provides young people with free seedlings which they plant with the support of their group leaders. Some tree bear fruits which also provides income to both the young people and their familes.

Health Promotions

Sex & Relationships

One of the major challenges facing young people in Tororo is the luck of services dedicated to young people. In order to access health services, one must be able to pay. In partnership with Rock Foundation, we deliver sexual health education to young people more especially those in the villages and living in the slums. The services delivered inlude information on sexual health, how to make informed decision on sexual health. How to access main stream services and which clinics to go to which are young people friendly.