UK Projects

In the UK, Youth Projects International largely delivers programs in boroughs in North West London. For 2011/12 we have various programmes delivering various training courses, providing advice and guidance and promoting access to healthcare services young people in Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham. So you could be involved in any of the following ways:
• Supporting the Outreach team in delivering sexual health advice and information
• Providing administrative and clerical support for the different projects
• Fundraising
When you join us, you will be provided with training and a supervisor will be there to support you in every way possible making sure that your experience is enjoyable and worthwhile. If you are interested in volunteering at Youth Projects International please email Eddy Aroda at or ring 020 7727 6990 then we can talk through some of the volunteering opportunities available and send you an application form.

Social Care


Many young people who are homeless may not be aware that they are actually homeless or faced with homelessness. Youth Projects International often acts as their first point of contact. You don’t have to be living on the street to be homeless. You may be legally classed as homeless if you are sleeping on a friends sofa, staying in a hostel, suffering from overcrowding, or other bad conditions. YPI provides young people with advice and support and sign posting to appropriate services.


Immigration issues are quite complex and faced with an immigration problem; young people may not know where to start from and who to go to for proper advice. YPI acts as a first point of contact for many young people who are faced with an immigration problem. We carry out an initial assessment, give appropriate advice and sign post young people and do referral for legal advice.

Health Promotions

Health promotion involves a wide range of activities that promote a healthier lifestyle from different agencies at many levels within society. Agencies involved in promoting healthier lifestyles range from Government policies, through local community strategies, to individuals making healthy life choices. For young peoples health, The National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services establishes clear standards for promoting the health and well-being of children and young people. Following these guidelines, YPI seeks to promote healthy practices among young people to prevent of many health problems in adulthood, especially around sexual health. It is clear that high rates of infection persist in some population groups, young people being one of that subgroup.

Sex & Relationship

Sex and relationship education is essential for young people and helps them make responsible and well informed decisions about their lives. In some cases there is much uncertainty about what sex and relationship education is and how it should be taught. We aim to support and guide teachers on some sensitive issues they may have to tackle when teaching sex and relationship education including: confidentiality, Policies around sex and relationship education. Sex and sexuality. How to access services, working with parents and working with the wider community.

Condom Distribution

The aim of the condom distribution scheme is to enable young people to be able to access condoms easily. Young people are able to access condoms from YPI staff during outreach sessions and also from our offices. This is accompanied by information on proper use of condoms, knowledge on condoms. In other areas we are able to sign up young people on to the condom card scheme which is a London wide scheme. It enables young people who have been trained on condom use to access condoms through outlets that display the condom card scheme logo across the capital.

Support for LGBT young people

In African communities most people find it difficult to come out because of stigma attached within the community. So many people live in denial and are not able to get appropriate support when they really need to. We have a special project that provides support to African young people who are LGBT. Many people know they are, or think they might be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans when they are young and this can be great but it can also be scary. It may be hard to know who you can talk to and how people will react. The good news is that we are here to listen in confidence and without judgement, and there is lots of other support available whenever you need help.